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Loan up to $ 300 in 30 days without guarantees.

In an easy way and in a few minutes, you can send your credit request through its website. Their loans will give you the opportunity to reach amounts from $ 50 to $ 300 to be repaid within 7 to 30 days from when they receive your request.

Unlike other types of credits in the sector, the online loans that Good Lender offers you are not free. However there will be no surprises regarding the cost of your fees, since from the first moment you will be informed of all the costs associated with your request.

Amount and term of repayment of the loan

Amount and term of repayment of the loan

If you process your loan application with Good Lender you can get a first loan from $ 50 to $ 300 to be repaid within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the date of your request. Without a doubt this is an interesting amount to be a first loan application when compared to other loan offers on the internet.

Steps to request a loan with Good Lender

Steps to request a loan with Good Lender

To apply for your loan, you can start by accessing the Good Lender website, selecting the amount of money you need, and the term of your return.

The Good Lender website has a loan simulator in which they allow you to carry out the checks you need before sending your request, which will help you keep in mind at all times the date the loan is due, or the cost of the loans. fees applied in each case.

If you are satisfied with the information that Good Lender provides you, you can apply for the loan and start completing its web form with your personal and financial data necessary to analyze your case.

After analyzing your request Good Lender will resolve to approve or deny your request based on your solvency capacity, the status of your credit history, and whether or not you are registered in the file of defaulters as Financial Credit Institutions. If you do not have a clean history and your data also appears in Financial Credit Institutions, Good Lender may decide to reject your request.

In the event that Good Lender approves your loan you will receive an immediate response, being able to have the money in your account in an interval close to 1 hour.

Application requirements

Application requirements

Before resolving a loan request, Good Lender will check your creditworthiness to ensure that you have regular and sufficient income, in addition to having a clean credit history that supports your ability to face the debt that you contract without problems.

The following is the list of application requirements demanded by Good Lender to all its clients before approving their application:

  • Be over 21 years old
  • Have a bank account in your name
  • Be the owner of an active mobile phone
  • Have an email address
  • Have a residence in Spain that you can prove with your DNI or NIE

Therefore, if you are going to send your loan application to this entity, you must bear in mind that it will be necessary for you to comply with the conditions stated in addition to being able to demonstrate your solvency capacity.

Loan repayment

Loan repayment

Good Lender offers you different payment methods to facilitate the return of your credit payment on time. In this way, you can choose to make the payment by bank transfer or if you prefer with your credit card.

Problems with your return?

If, as the return date is approaching, you realize that you cannot make the payment of the contracted debt on time, you should contact Good Lender as soon as possible to contract an extension to have more time to make the payment of your return..

Therefore, when the maturity date of the Good Lender loan comes, it gives you the option of facing its payment, or contracting an extension of the term, which depending on the amount of your debt may be 7, 15, 30 calendar days from the maturity date, with a cost of 0.8% per day with respect to the capital loaned.

When you will default on your Good Lender loan, you may require a 1.2% daily penalty for default on the amount of your credit.

In the event that due to your particular situation you prefer to cancel the loan before its maturity, Good Lender grants you the right to pay your loan before the agreed date without additional costs, although in this case you will not enjoy lower rates either.

If you do not fulfill your payment obligations contemplated in your contract, Good Lender reserves its right to report your data to the Financial Credit Institutions defaulters file or even take legal action to claim the outstanding debt.



Good Lender is a fast loan entity that grants amounts from $ 50 to $ 300 to be repaid within 7 to 30 days. Unlike other entities in the sector, with this company it is possible to obtain a first loan of up to $ 800 immediately and without many complications.

You just have to meet their application requirements and demonstrate your creditworthiness, and you could enjoy the requested money within hours.

In addition, in the event that you have problems complying with the payment of your debt within the term agreed in your contract, Good Lender gives you the option of contracting an extension of 7, 15 or 30 days to make the payment of your debt with all the facilities and without burdens.

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